Entire Hard Drive Encryption Is Just One Facet Of Computer Security.

So, your company has finally decided to use full disk encryption software like AlertBoot, a centrally managed encryption software suite, to encrypt entire hard drives found on computers.  But are you set, in terms of data security? The answer will always be “no,” since security is a continuous process.  However, there are certain facets of […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not Used In Stolen GOSH UK Children’s Hospital Laptop.

Laptop stolen from secure area in hospital Password-protected Encryption already being rolled out at the hospital A children’s hospital in the UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), has lost a laptop computer containing the details of 458 patients.  Unfortunately, the computer did not make use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot. Branded as a “leading […] read more

Data Breach Cost: VA Agrees To Pay $20 Million For Lost And Recovered Laptop.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has decided to settle a class-action suite that was filed in response to the theft of a laptop and external hard disk from a VA employee.  The computer did not feature laptop encryption software nor was there any type of file encryption program protecting the contents. The settlement of […] read more

USB Data Encryption: A Timely Example of An Information Security Breach.

US military secrets sold for $18 and S&H USB encryption – not just an addendum to laptop encryption This week, the world found out that an MP3 player, sold from a pawnshop in Oklahoma City and bought by a guy residing in New Zealand, contained the information of 60 US soldiers.  Of course, this is […] read more

An Overstatement: Heartland Payment Systems And The 100 Million Figure.

I wasn’t going to bring up the Heartland Payment Systems issue, since it’s been pretty widely covered.  Readers of this blog know that I and others have pointed out that data encryption solutions like AlertBoot are not a panacea when it comes to data security, and that the appropriate tools must be in place for […] read more

Penalties For Mass. Personal Information Law Violation – 201 CMR 17.00.

Up to $50,000 per improper disposal Maximum of $5,000 per violation The Massachusetts Attorney General can come after you Above penatlies don’t include lost business, dealing with irate customers, mailing out letters, and other associated costs What are the financial ramifications of violating Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00?  You may be familiar with some of the […] read more

Massachusetts Encryption Law Compliance Checklist.

(Update, Feb 16, 2009: All dates for meeting compliance have been extended to January 1, 2010) Sometimes, if you surf the net long enough, you end up uncovering a gem, such as this checklist published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Titled “201 CMR 17.00 Checklist,” it was compiled by the OCABR “to help small businesses […] read more

Massachusetts Data Protection Law Encryption Requirement: You Must Use 128-Bits Or Higher.

(Update, Feb 16, 2009: All dates for meeting compliance have been extended to January 1, 2010) Note: If you’re looking for more details / general coverage regarding the Massachusetts data protection laws (aka, 201 CMR 17), go here. This page is commentary to the 128-bit requirement under 201 CMR 17.00 What’s 128-bit encryption? What’s a […] read more

Hard Disk Drive Encryption Not Used On Missing Blue Ridge Community Action.

Blue Ridge Community Action’s (BRCA) mission statement begins with the words “Helping People to Help Themselves in Partnership With the Community…”  After the data breach they’ve had, the BRCA’s community may find itself helping themselves a little bit more.  If only they had used some type of hard disk drive encryption program, like AlertBoot, to […] read more