Is Disk Encryption Software Lacking On Missing South Wales Council USB Memory Stick?.

A council employee has lost a USB memory stick that contained sensitive information.  The employer, Neath Port Talbot council in south Wales, has launched an investigation and is declining to comment on the case until it is concluded.  It seems to me that if disk encryption software like AlertBoot was used to secure the data […] read more

Encrypt Entire Hard Disk Drives For Full Protection.

Hard drive encryption encrypts data but not your files Minimize the risk of not encrypting sensitive files Performance hits? Not applicable for most people There is something to be said about the convenience of full hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot, as opposed to the use of file encryption software.  Granted, both are excellent ways […] read more

External Hard Drive Encryption Is Easy To Do.

Drive encryption and file encryption: the difference The pros and cons of hard drive encryption When it comes to protecting your external hard drives using encryption, you’ve got two options: external hard drive encryption and file encryption.  While I have already detailed the difference before, I might as well go a little more in depth. […] read more

File Encryption Software Could Have Helped Pulte Homes In Data Breach?.

Pulte Homes, one of the largest home building companies in the US, has announced that a backup tape containing the information of 16,000 customers was stolen about a month ago.  Letters were sent to customers on December 19, and it’s been picked up by the media on Christmas.  The use of file encryption software like […] read more

Focus On Data Encryption Software Is Wrong Approach To Data Security?.

The holidays tend to make one more philosophical.  For most people, it becomes a time to ruminate on what is truly important: family, health, love, friendship, world peace…  Then there are others like myself who wonder about some aspect of their jobs.  For me, the holidays have given me the time to ponder whether, as […] read more