Backup Tape Data: Encryption Was Used, Information to Decrypt Also On Tape.

Update (Dec 4, 2008): According to the site,  C-W Agencies was able to recover the stolen tape and forensic experts are examining it to see whether their data was accessed or not. According to the Vancouver Sun, C-W Agencies in Canada is claiming to be a victim of a data breach.  The alleged perpetrator is […] read more

Military USB Memory Stick Ban: Lack Of Disk Encryption Is Not The Only Issue.

The US Department of Defense is banning USB memory stick as well as all other forms of removable media storage devices. (Makes me wonder why they didn’t react this quickly when they decided data encryption software was necessary to safeguard the information on their computers.)  In the face of this ban, it seems like a […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Not Used In Stolen Computer With UK Teacher Details.

Approximately 2000 teachers, assistants, and support staff in Manchester, England are irate over the theft of two laptop computers from a secure area.  The computer had names, dates of birth, and national insurance numbers.  While the theft was discovered three weeks ago, the affected education workers have been notified only recently. As the warning letter […] read more

Leicester Loses USB Memory Stick With Sensitive Information On 80 Babies, Did Not Use File Encryption.

Council bosses at Leicester City have announced the loss, or possibly the theft, of a computer memory stick that held sensitive information of 80 babies and their families.  The personal information included names, addresses, dates of birth, and telephone numbers.  The USB memory stick was last seen in a nursery that was run by the […] read more