German T-Mobile Loses 17 Million Customer Records. The Consequences Of Missing Data Encryption.

Germany’s T-Mobile has admitted to a data breach that could affect up to 17 million people.  While the breach had happened in the spring of 2006, T-Mobile hadn’t alerted its customers at that time.  This week’s announcement was prompted by the findings of Der Spiegel magazine, which was able to access the information from unnamed […] read more

More British Intelligence Gaffs. At Least MI-5 Using Device Encryption.

It was only two days ago that the world found out about the sale of a camera with confidential information from MI-6.  The media is now reporting that MI-5 is looking for a palmtop computer that went missing after a thief burglarized a house rented by the intelligence service.  The good news is that the […] read more

File Encryption Saves The Day For Unfortunate Chiropractor.

The Breach Blog is carrying a story about how a chiropractor practiced good data security.  I’d say the chiropractor saved himself some face and his patients a lot of grief by using what looks to be file encryption, a feature that’s also available in AlertBoot managed encryption service solutions.  The Breach Blog, however, seems to […] read more

Customers Drop Companies With Data Breaches. Encryption Service Looking Good.

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, thirty-one percent of surveyed people terminated their business relationships with a company that suffered a data breach.  If you are trusted with the sensitive information of other people, and happen to work for an organization that is not a monopoly or the government, this ought to be […] read more