Wouldn’t You Prefer File Encryption Over This IBM Security Laptop Computer?.

It looks like the constant news of data breaches is beginning to arrest the attention of designers as well.  One Mr. Nicolas Lehotzky is garnering some coverage over at gizmodo.com for his mockup of a laptop computer that was designed with security in mind.  Of course, being only a mockup, the device still needs some […] read more

In The UK, You Have The Right To Incriminate Yourself If You Use Encryption Software.

Several sources are covering a judgment handed down by the England and Wales Court of Appeal which states that computer passwords have to be handed over to law enforcement if requested, even in cases where providing said password would give access to evidence that incriminates the suspect.  No doubt this is prompted by the power […] read more

Sometimes, Endpoint Security Requires Something Less Advanced Than Hard Drive Encryption.

A team of intrepid news reporters at WHRW found that someone at Binghamton University had tossed a bundle of university documents listing out the sensitive information of fifty-six students who took courses in the mid-seventies.  This story wouldn’t be such a big deal except that there’s so many things wrong with it, I don’t know […] read more

Could Deloitte Laptop Theft Be The New Colt Express Desktop Fiasco? Hardly, Since Encryption Software Was Used.

Vodafone, the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world, is alerting employees that a laptop computer storing their pension information has been lost.  The party that lost it, however, was not Vodafone, but an employee at consulting firm Deloitte.  Data encryption software is protecting the contents of that laptop computer, however, so the chances […] read more

Using Hard Disk Encryption To Stem The Leading Cause Of Corporate Data Loss.

Ars Technica has an analysis of a study released by Compuware regarding corporate data losses.  Such a study had already been published by Trend Micro earlier in the year, and it looks like the Compuware report backs up those conclusions.  The gist of the new report, which is also the gist of the previous report, […] read more

If You Look Up The Words Data Breach In A UK Dictionary, Will You See ‘See Government’?.

I.T. contractor EDS has lost a hard drive with sensitive data pertaining to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the UK.  It affects 100,000 Armed Forces personnel as well as 3,000 potential recruits (or 600,000 recruits, depending on your point of view).  This is not the first time that EDS has been implicated in an […] read more

Deloitte Consulting Loses Computer That Used File Encryption.

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), a satellite subscription television service operating in the UK and Ireland, has alerted employees that consulting firm Deloitte has lost a laptop containing the pension information of BSkyB staff.  It sounds like the contents were encrypted using a service similar to file encryption offered by AlertBoot managed encryption solutions, so there’s […] read more

UND Alumni And Donor Information In Stolen Laptop, Data Encryption Used.

The UND Alumni Association is sending out word to approximately 85,000 people that they should be monitoring their credit.  Their information was stored on a laptop computer that was lost by a software vendor contracted by the alumni association.  It also sounds like affected members will be signed up for credit monitoring services, free of […] read more

Stolen McCain Laptop Has Strategic Information and Password Protection But No Hard Drive Encryption.

Staff at a McCain campaign office in Missouri have announced that a laptop computer with strategic information related to McCain’s presidential campaign was stolen on Tuesday night.  There was minimal protection all around.  For example, the campaign hadn’t thought of using full disk encryption software, like those offered by AlertBoot, to safeguard the contents in […] read more

Second Ireland HSE Data Breach: Laptop Encryption Not Used On Another Laptop Theft.

A laptop computer belonging to Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) has been stolen.  This is the second laptop reported missing in as many weeks.  Just like in the previously reported case, the HSE did not avail itself of laptop encryption software like AlertBoot to protect its contents.  The laptop computer, stolen from the HSE administration […] read more