Nikon Coolpix and Data Breach: Tied For Life Thanks To Google And MI6 Data Breach.

MI6.  Home of James Bond, Q, and Dame Judi Dench, arguably the best M ever.  Shaken Vodka Martinis, never stirred.  Babes.  But going forward, “Nikon Coolpix” may be what comes up to some people’s minds when MI6 is mentioned.  Many (way too many) sites are reporting and spreading the news that a 28-year old delivery […] read more

Royal Air Force Staff Information Stolen In Theft From High Security Area. Hard Drive Encryption Not Used.

Personal details of 50,000 current and ex RAF personnel was lost on September 17.  From a high-security area.  The sensitive information was stored on three external hard drives that were not protected with hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot.  This case is something of a calamity, since it’s more than a lost or stolen disk.  […] read more

Data Encryption Used In Lost Data Disk Containing Information on 11,500 UK Teachers.

The UK media is reporting that another CD with sensitive information has been lost in the mail.  Technically, it sounds like it was a courier service, but you get the idea.  The good news is that the contents of the missing CD were encrypted.  That means the data is being protected by something similar to […] read more

Less Than Half Of Companies Notify Affected Customers Of Data Breaches. Is It Because They Use Disk Encryption?.

No.  It’s definitely not because they use disk encryption solutions like AlertBoot.  The companies that were surveyed by consultancy firm Logica did not report the breaches because they didn’t want to.  Yeah, you read that right.  They didn’t want to, so they kept it unreported.  Secret.  Sub rosa.   Let’s face it, a data breach […] read more

$50 And Lack Of Hard Drive Encryption Can Net You Lots Of IDs From eBay.

But, only in a roundabout way.  Some intrepid reporters decided to spend $50 bidding on eBay for used computer hard drives, and see what kind of information they could glean from these magnetic devices. It turns out that they hit the jackpot, something that could have been prevented with the use of hard drive encryption […] read more

National Bank Of Canada Laptop Theft Affects A High Percentage. Laptop Encryption Probably Not Used.

National Bank of Canada, Canada’s sixth-largest lender by assets, according to Bloomberg, has publicly announced that a laptop computer was stolen from its headquarters in Montreal.  Although not expressly stated, it seems to me that this particular laptop was not protected with data security software like laptop encryption from AlertBoot.  A shame since there was […] read more

Massachusetts Orders Personal Information Protection Via Data Encryption. Content Security To See A Boost?.

It looks like Massachusetts will be one of the handful of states that are beginning to require the use of data encryption solutions like hard drive encryption from AlertBoot, to protect consumer data —and not just recommend them like in the watershed legislation passed by California years ago.  The Boston Globe is reporting that state […] read more

Laptop Losses To Grow 300% According To Safeware. Time To Consider Hard Disk Encryption?.

According to a survey conducted by Safeware, an Ohio-based provider of specialized insurance programs, it expects claims on thefts of laptop and other portable computing solutions to increase by 300% by the end of the year, as compared to last year.  It sounds like the importance of hard disk encryption software solutions like AlertBoot will […] read more

New European Directive Could Boost Full Disk And Other Encryption Products.

A new European Commission directive on electronic privacy may include a data breach notification provision.  While it’s still up for debate, all signs seem to point that the data breach legislation will be approved.  While this is not a clarion call for companies to start protecting digital information with the use of data encryption software […] read more

22,000 At Intuit Subject To Data Breach: Colt Express Computer Theft And Lack Of Data Encryption Aftershock.

The site is reporting that the Colt Express computer theft from back in June is still bringing victims out of the woodwork.  The latest company to admit that they were affected is Intuit.  You may know them as the makers of Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax.  As detailed back then (and many times subsequently, as […] read more