Disk Encryption Was Not Keeping Laptop Safe On Missing Stanadyne Computer.

Attorneys for Stanadyne Corporation have filed a letter with the Attorney General of New Hampshire.  A laptop with sensitive information was stolen from an employee’s car on June 27.  While the computer in question had password encryption, a copy of the letter to be sent to affect employees, and former employees, notes that “there are […] read more

Laptop Encryption Not Used In Lost Charter Communications Laptop: Thousands Affected.

Charter Communications has announced that twelve laptops—out of which one of them contained sensitive personal information—were stolen over the weekend of July 11.  Charter seems to have declined to answer any questions on what type of data security programs they were using to protect the information found on those laptops—or at least the one laptop […] read more

Disk Encryption Is A Better Policy Than A Word?Based One.

The BBC and other news outlets are carrying a small blurb on the recovery of a USB flash drive that contained the information of one person, an “offender” that was working with the Probation Board of Northern Ireland (PBNI).  Due to the circumstances surrounding its recovery, I can tell that disk encryption was not used.  […] read more

Disk Encryption Not On Lost Disks With Home Office Data.

Disk encryption was probably not used to secure the information stored on two disks that were lost, possibly affecting 3000 seasonal agricultural workers, the Home Office in the UK has announced.  The loss occurred this March but was only disclosed on August 8.  The use of data protection solutions like AlertBoot would have been useful, […] read more

Senator’s Personal Email Account Hacked: Could Encryption Software Have Helped Her?.

The answer, in this case, is most probably “no.”  Encryption software, while no panacea, offers the strongest security when it comes to protecting data.  That’s because when, for example, AlertBoot file encryption is used to secure the contents in your computer, hackers have to provide the correct password in order to access the data—there is […] read more

Did Credit Card Issuers Overreact to TJX Data Breach?.

The site pogowasright.org is carrying a post in the Electronic Data Records Law blog by Benjamin Wright, an attorney and “specialist in email compliance and risk management controls and services.”  I usually tend to offer commentary on stories where a data breach could have been avoided via the use of disk encryption services like AlertBoot.  […] read more

Disk Encryption Not Used On Lost Harris County Hospital District USB Memory Stick.

Disk encryption solutions like AlertBoot was not used on a lost USB memory stick being used at Harris County Hospital District.  The loss of the flash drive will compromise the sensitive information on 1,200 patients.   According to the Houston Chronicle, three USB flash drives went missing from the desk of an associate administrator, described […] read more

Disk Encryption Is Not Used On Lost BBC Memory Stick? May Affect Vacation Plans.

It sounds like disk encryption was not used in a lost flash drive with information collected by the BBC.  The information doesn’t sound like it’s too sensitive in nature: names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, and dates of birth of children.  Yes, of children.  The information was collected from aspiring young volunteers to a new BBC […] read more

Disk Encryption Not Used In Clear Laptop Case (An Update).

A couple of days ago, I had a posted an article on the loss and eventual recovery (within the same “secure” office space) of a laptop computer belonging to the Clear program.  The laptop in question did not have disk encryption in place, an egregious oversight.  The web is abuzz about the details on this case.  […] read more

Disk Encryption In Laptop Keeps Anheuser-Busch Safe. Numbers Keep Inflating, Though.

A laptop with disk encryption is a safe laptop.  And that’s what Anheuser?Busch (stock symbol: BUD) has, encrypted laptops that were stolen.  I’ve already covered the situation once, and updated it as well.  At first, there was only news that computers got stolen, and conflicting reports on whether there was laptop protection in place, as […] read more