Hard Disk Encryption Not Used In Lost Laptop Containing Ohio Student Information.

A Reynoldsburg City School district laptop, which did not make use of hard drive encryption like AlertBoot to protect the information on the computer’s internal disk, was stolen from an employee while he attended a wedding.  The laptop was stolen from his car, a not so infrequent data breach scenario covered by this blog.  Makes one wonder […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Could Help Stem Those eBay Data Breach Incidents.

£6.99.  That’s how much a 36 year old anonymous computer programmer paid for a computer on eBay that held the details of 35,000 taxpayers in the UK.  This is the second case where a computer sold on eBay with sensitive information ended up in the hands of a civic?minded person.  And this is just another […] read more

Disk Encryption Neglected On NHS Dumfries and Galloway USB Memory Sticks.

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday broke the story that the NHS Dumfries and Galloway has lost two USB flash drives with information on patients.  The memory sticks in question did not feature disk encryption that would have ensured information security.  And, the breach was only made public because Scotland on Sunday filed a Freedom of […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption A Good Remedy For Renegade eBay Auctions.

Another day, another case where full disk encryption such as AlertBoot would have helped to prevent a data breach.  Several sources are reporting that over 1 million customer details have been sold on eBay.  Not that eBay would have allowed this to happen.  They constantly monitor auctions for stuff that shouldn’t be there, such as […] read more

Database File Encryption Present In Best Western Hack According To The Company.

A data breach affecting over 8 million Best Western customers was reported over the weekend by the Sunday Herald, a newspaper in Glasgow, Scotland.  The Best Western hotel chain has released a statement earlier today saying that the claim is “grossly unsubstantiated.”  The company has also listed a number of methods they’ve used to protect […] read more

File Encryption Used In Lost UNHS Backup Tape. Nothing To See Here.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) is contacting people to alert them that an encrypted backup tape was lost in transit.  The tape contains personal information such as names, addresses and checking account numbers.  The tape was being transported by an outside carrier—my guess is to a “safe” location.  The important thing is that […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Missing On USB Memory Stick: UK Home Office Data At Risk, Again.

Ah, the UK Home Office.  In recent weeks, it’s become to me what “W” has become to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show: my meal ticket.  Granted, in this case, it’s not really the Home Office department that’s to blame, but contractors.  The Home office did everything it should have, e-mailing a database of criminals’ […] read more

Bank Data Tape With No File Encryption Lost: Wells Fargo Customers Affected.

At least, I’m assuming that file encryption was not used based on the article I’m reading at codyenterprise.com.  A computer data tape which contained sensitive customer information like names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and bank account numbers was reported as lost by Wells Fargo.  Specifically, the Shoshone First Bank in Cody and Powell; Jackson State […] read more

Computers Without Full Disk Encryption Stolen From Tax Services Firm.

Kingston Tax Service, doing business out of Washington State, has alerted their clients that they should sign up immediately for identity theft services.  Several computers were stolen from the Kingston Tax service office on August 12.  While the access to the computer had password?protection, it sounds like full disk encryption services like AlertBoot were not […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Not Required By Law. Good Enough Is Enough?.

PC World has an article about “what the law requires of IT.”  They make some interesting points, and how the law in a certain case noted that laptop encryption was not necessary.  But they have other noteworthy points.  Straight off the bat, the article notes that when bank robbers stole from banks in the days […] read more