Hard Drive Encryption Vs. Hard Drive Pulverization: It’s A Matter Of Data At Rest.

And what type of resting you’re looking for your data: eternal or not.  (What a terrible play on words.  Thank God I wasn’t an English major; they might rescind my diploma.)  Anyhow, this may be a good time to explore some alternatives to data protection solutions like full disk encryption.  The montereyherald.com has an article […] read more

Disk Encryption Missing From University Records Stolen From Van.

The information on 35,000 people was stolen from a security van in the UK.  The van was being used to transport computer tapes, which apparently did not employ any type of encryption, like those offered by AlertBoot.  The data breach included peoples home addresses, dates of birth, and letters of correspondence, which were digitized and […] read more

Lack Of Full Disk Encryption Affects 32,000 Canadian Farmers.

It seems just like the other day that I opined on whether companies take to full disk encryption and other data security measures only after they’ve experienced a data breach.  Now, in an act of cosmic timing, the winnipegfreepress.com is reporting that the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) is encrypting computer data after they lost […] read more

Full Disk Encryption And Other Measures Not Implemented In Canadian Companies: At Risk Of Privacy Disaster.

Canada’s privacy commissioner released a report on Tuesday stating that our neighbors up north are subject to inexcusable security breaches because companies won’t use some of the most basic methods of protecting personal information, like full disk encryption on laptops, according to an article at the nationalpost.com.  According to Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, “nine in 10 […] read more

Disk Encryption Missing From Stolen USB Drive In New Glasgow.

Police in New Glasgow were looking into the theft of a flash drive from the Pictou Country Health Authority office, according to thechronicleherald.ca.  Approximately 150 clients were affected, and as of today, about two thirds of them were contacted regarding the issue.  Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue since the authority uses disk encryption on […] read more

Do Companies Really Employ Full Disk Encryption Only After They’ve Had A Breach?.

The negative aspects of the digital world have begun to rear their ugly heads.  It took some time, but they’re here, and in full force.  Going digital has meant that everything happens at the speed of light, as one CEO had stated when this particular revolution began.  The problem is, of course, that when everything […] read more