Full Disk Encryption For The State Of Kansas Government Computers.

The audit arm of the Kansas state government has released a report on the disposal of surplus computer equipment, and whether Kansas is effectively dealing with any sensitive data contained on those computers.  The conclusion is that they’re not.  Certain practices have been recommended to the state for ensuring that sensitive data is disposed of […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption A Quest For Quest Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics has filed a report with the Maryland Attorney General that three MD residents may have had their personal information compromised due to the theft of a laptop, which featured password?protection.  The personal information breached for the three people include names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.  I assume that full disk encryption like AlertBoot […] read more

Data Breach Drama: Lost Tapes, Full Disk Encryption, And The University Of Utah.

Looks like I jumped the gun on the happy ending for the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.  If readers recollect, Perpetual Storage Inc. lost backup tapes that contained information on 2.2 million patients treated at the U of U.  Word is out on the street that the U of U may be sued; it’s […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Better Than Data Breach Notification? A Lawyer, I Think, Implies Yes.

And I agree.  Encryption solutions and other data protection solutions are an infinitely better way of protecting consumer data than letting people know they should be on the look out for financial fraud.  However, I do find issues with the points raised by Bart Lazar in a column he wrote for computerworld.com.  Granted, I’m not […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Not Opted By Dickson County.

The Fox Channel in Nashville is reporting that a laptop computer with information on 700 employees of the Dickson County Board of Education was stolen.  The theft seems to have taken place over the past weekend, and employees have a reason for being concerned: names, salary information, and Social Security numbers were stored on the […] read more

Stanford University May Not Have Used Full Disk Encryption: 72,000 Affected. An Observation.

The story that Stanford University has lost a laptop computer has been making the rounds since Monday.  I thought I’d give myself a break from these “university loses computer—tens of thousands of people affected!!!” stories; however, there are so many wonderful comments (read: opinions that are mired in the technological Middle Ages) on so many […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Used In Missing USC Desktop Computer: 7000 Affected.

The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina (USC) is warning 7000 people that their personal information is at risk, according to thestate.com.  A desktop computer with information on students, faculty, and staff—along with other items—went missing over the Memorial Day weekend.  No further details were available, such as whether the stolen […] read more

Disk Encryption vs. Forty Years Of Experience.

The University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics are getting ready to inform approximately 2.2 million patients and guarantors that their information may be compromised, although they’d find it highly unlikely.  According to businesswire.com, a company hired by the University of Utah lost a shipment of tapes with backups of billing records.  The tapes allegedly had […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Not Used In East Tennessee State University Desktop Computer.

The site tricities.com has an ongoing report from News Channel 11 on the theft of a desktop computer that may compromise the personal information of 6,200 East Tennessee State University (ETSU) staff, students, and alumni.  Although one wonders what else could have been done to prevent the theft itself, a data breach could have been […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Can Protect Customers As Well As Employees.

Networkworld.com is reporting that AT&T has lost a laptop computer with information on management.  The compromised data includes names, SSNs, and salary and bonus information.  AT&T has declined to comment on the extent of the data breach, but anonymous sources have let networkworld.com know that “this is probably, but not everyone [has been affected].”  It […] read more