Data Security Solutions Like Full Disk Encryption Allows Change In Grammar?.

Or at least, that’s the message I’m taking from an entry at  Ebara Technologies had recently filed a letter with the New Hampshire AG’s office, alerting them that one of their vendors had suffered a security breach.  A further follow up with by Pogo had a spokesperson confirm that the vendor was Colt Express, […] read more

Systemic Failure To Blame In HMRC Data Breach: Why Hard Drive Encryption Wouldn’t Have Worked.

Auditors have today released their reports on the HMRC data fiasco from last year.  At the time, a junior employee was blamed for the loss of sensitive data affecting 25 million UK citizens.  The audit reports place the blame squarely on…nobody.  There are many covering this news, but the UK ZDNet seems to sum things up […] read more