Full Disk Encryption And Internal Security Breaches (Update To May State Street Incident).

The site pogowasright.org has a link to a letter of notification to the Maryland Attorney General from Exeter Trust Company.  According to the letter, State Street—who announced in late May that it had lost “computer equipment”—was a subcustodian to Exeter, and the trust is now revealing details on what happened.  It makes me wonder if […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Missing From Seven Stolen UK Hospital Laptops. A Defiant Act?.

The Telegraph is reporting that two breaches involving NHS data have occurred in the UK.  Based on the details provided by the article, it looks like one was a case of egregious behavior (labeled as “defiant” by the writer), and the other less egregious—but just as non-compliant as the first one.  These wouldn’t have been […] read more