Hard Drive Encryption Not Enough To Protect HSBC’s Lost Server?.

Banking giant HSBC is in the news again.  This time, the bank has lost a computer server from the Kwun Tong branch, located in Hong Kong.  Sometimes, having a huge international footprint just means having more problems.  If you’ll recall, HSBC had announced last month that they had a data breach in the UK, when […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Present In Northern Trust Bank Computer Theft.

An employee for Northern Trust Bank was caught selling electronic office equipment on eBay, as well as putting them up at pawnshops and selling them to his own colleagues at the bank.  The thefts occurred between May 2005 and Nov 2006, when he was arrested.  Most of the equipment that was stolen consisted of computers […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Required For Department Of State Laptops.

It is being reported that the US Department of State is missing hundreds of laptops, perhaps thousands of them.  The Department of State is in charge of conducting diplomacy.  In case anyone doubts how important secrecy is for this particular department, the Anti?Terrorism Assistance Program falls under its umbrella, according to the article at cqpolitics.com.  […] read more

Disk Encryption Not Used To Secure Hong Kong Hospital Data.

Theft of memory sticks—the USB kind, I guess—account for the data breach of more than 6000 patients in Hong Kong public hospitals.  In the past year, nine memory sticks have been stolen from five hospitals.  A task force is being set up to investigate the security issue, and will recommend solutions in three months to […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption A Needed Solution In Light Of BP Internal Memo.

A recent memo by British Petroleum (BP) shows why companies may want to step up their information security practices.  According to easybourse.com, the UK oil colossus has been having a heck of a time cleaning up after messes not caused by oil spills.   Some of the messes include the theft of a laptop with […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Can’t Be Trumped By Cardboard Boxes.

An administrative office handling the details of patients at Staten Island University Hospital, in New York, has lost a computer with information on 88,000 patients.  Surprisingly, the theft happened four months ago, but is only being announced today.  What’s also surprising is that the suspect was able to snag the computer—no word on whether it […] read more