Full Disk Encryption Is Priority One For Formula One Drivers: Blackmail Suggested But Where’s The Crime?.

Reportedly, a “thief” has tried to “blackmail” Formula One driver Adrian Sutil.  I’m having problems calling the guy a thief, though, and I’m not sure I see the blackmail angle.  Not that I’m excusing this guy from his actions.  Either way, he has helped highlight the need for better disposal practices when it comes to […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Used In Yet Another Lost BOI Laptop.

The Bank of Ireland (BOI) has announced that a fifth laptop has been stolen.  Honestly, I’m not sure if this a needed announcement; if any penalties are given due to this latest revelation, I believe that it’ll just be a case of a company being penalized for having meticulous records. (Of course, not that I […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Missing In Missing Canadian Bank Laptop.

First Calgary Savings has announced the loss of a laptop with sensitive customer information.  The laptop was in a bank employee’s car when it was stolen.  Hundreds of customers may be affected by the latest information security breach, since disk encryption was not used on that laptop.  The data was protected by a password, but […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Still Not Deployed Company-Wide At Pfizer: An Update.

Contrary to my ruminations the other day, the recently lost Pfizer laptop did have encryption, according to a Pfizer spokeswoman quoted in the Associated Press.  However, a flash drive was also lost along with the laptop, which was not protected in any way.  This wouldn’t be an issue except that sensitive information—names, addresses, phone numbers, […] read more

UK Military Using Full Disk Encryption On 20,000 Laptops.

The security?breach whipping?boy for the past 6 months has decided that it has had enough.  The UK government, more specifically the military, is installing encryption software on 20,000 laptops.  The military already had a program in progress where 300,000 users would be able to access information via their web-browsers.  Called the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII), […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Still Not Deployed Company-Wide At Pfizer?.

There are reports that Pfizer may be in another data breach maelstrom.  According to theday.com, an employee lost a laptop, as well as a flash drive, with information on 13,000 employees at the pharmaceutical company.  The breach itself occurred about a month ago.  There were no details on how the breach itself occurred, nor what […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Will Be Defeated By Post-Its.

Or any other form of note that will stick to the computer.  UK government workers may want to keep that in mind: An internal memo has been passed around, acknowledging that the Department for Work and Pensions (DPW) has been effectively providing a way to breach their own security procedures:  From politics.co.uk:  “I have been […] read more

Musician Peter Gabriel Shows Us The Need For Full Disk Encryption.

Peter Gabriel shows, albeit indirectly and unwittingly, why one needs full disk encryption if data security is the ultimate objective.  Gabriel’s servers that powered his website—hosted at a data center—were stolen.  This affects more than a website with a litany of Gabriel’s accomplishments.  I’ve never been to the site before, and it’s not operating at […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Present On Saks Fifth Avenue Stolen Laptops.

Saks, one of the premier names when it comes to shopping, has filed a letter with the Attorney General of New Hampshire (http://doj.nh.gov/consumer/breaches.html) as well as the AG of Maryland (http://www.oag.state.md.us/idtheft/breacheNotices.htm), notifying them of an information security incident, according to pogowasright.org.  In April, four company laptops were stolen, two of them with sensitive information.  The […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Sometimes Better Than Full Disk Destruction.

Can a hard disk survive a fall of over 100,000 feet?  No, but the data can be extracted from its remains.  That’s how scientists were able to find that xenon gas changes to a liquid when stirred under very low gravity.   It’s under no ordinary circumstances that a hard disk can fall 100,000 feet.  […] read more