Full Disk Encryption Not Used At State Street?.

State Street Corp., the global money manager based out of Boston, is alerting 45,000 customers and employees that they may be at an increased chance of identity theft.  More specifically, they’re legacy customers and employees from Investors Financial Services (IBT), a firm that State Street acquired last year.  IBT had retained the services of a […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Employed At Sandown Health Centre After Potential Security Breach.

Another hospital in the UK has fallen to a data breach due to the lack of data encryption.  The Isle of Wight NHS (National Health Services) has announced that they’re moving rapidly to encrypt their data, and is recommending it to all medical practices, according to the healthcarerepublic.com.  I, too, would agree that full disk […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Tales: So, How Are Those Stolen SSNs Used?.

The importance of full disk encryption solutions for laptops and other digital media has been espoused a myriad of times by numerous security vendors like AlertBoot.  We’ve all heard the stories regarding identity theft, and the importance of keeping Social Security Numbers safe.  Then there are those unique stories that cause one’s jaws to slacken.  […] read more

Laptop Losers Hall Of Shame Shows Importance Of Hard Drive Encryption For All Computer Types: A Commentary.

Networkworld.com has a small slideshow of the top ten worst data breaches of all time when it comes to unencrypted data.  Of course, these are only known instances, as networkworld.com points out.  They also point out that the data breaches could have been prevented if the laptops in question had been secured with hard drive […] read more

Disk Encryption For Lost Bank Tapes Would Have Been A Good Thing.

The loss of a backup tape from the Bank of New York Mellon is making the rounds on the internet.  According to a press release by the Connecticut AG’s office, the backup tape was lost by the storage company that was in charge of keeping the tapes safe, Archive Systems, Inc., not by the bank […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Could Have Saved Oklahoma Corporation Commission A Bunch Of Headaches.

Joe Sill bought fifty computers from a government auction.  His intent, according to koco.com, was to refurbish and resell them.  Instead, he’s had to put a hold on those plans because he found over 5000 Social Security numbers in the computers’ hard drives.  If only those drives had full disk encryption on them; then, Sill […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption A Solution For University Of Florida Case?.

The University of Florida will be notifying patients that there was a breach of their information.  According to the Triangle Business Journal, an assistant professor of plastic surgery at the university stored digital photographs of patients and identifying information on a computer.  The identifying information included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and Medicare […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Is Much More Powerful Than Password Protection.

It is not uncommon for companies to add the words “password protection” when making an announcement regarding the loss of a computer.  As in, the computer was stolen but it was password?protected.  What is password protection?  And is this protection better than other security measures like full disk encryption provided by data security solutions providers […] read more

Full Disk Encryption On Stolen Laptop Would Rid Sodexo Of Uncertainty.

Sodexo, a global company that provides integrated food and facilities management (cafeteria food and HVAC maintenance—a winning combo?  Well, it’s working for them to the tune of billions in revenue) has notified the Maryland AG that a company laptop was lost, according to pogowasright.org.  The lost laptop, which one concludes is lacking full disk encryption, […] read more

If Hard Drive Encryption Is So Powerful, How Were FARC’s Documents Analyzed?.

Anyone following international politics may have heard about Chavez’s latest rant against the western world.  This particular rant—as opposed to his other, regular rants against the western world—stems from a finding by Interpol that confirms the legitimacy of files found in the computers and other digital devices belonging to a now?deceased FARC leader, Raul Reyes.  […] read more