Disk Encryption Not Present In Lost HSBC Data Disk.

HSBC, the biggest bank in the UK, and possibly in the world, has admitted that they’ve lost a CD with information on 370,000 customers.  The disk was password?protected, but there was no encryption.  The information was needed by a reinsurer to HSBC, and included names, dates of birth, insurance policies, and the smoking status of […] read more

Consumer Privacy Lawmaker’s Data Breached In NIH Fiasco: Where’s The Full Disk Encryption?.

Here’s one for your uh?oh files.   According to the Associated Press and other sources, the recent loss of a laptop that contained patient records for a National Institutes of Health cardiac study contained information on Representative Joe Barton, a Texas Democrat and co?chairman of the Congressional Caucus on consumer privacy protection.   Barton suffered from […] read more

Is Full Disk Encryption On Its Way Out? Intel Developing New Chip To Deter Laptop Theft.

Intel has announced yesterday via The Register that they are beginning to work on an initiative called the Intel Anti Theft Technology (ATT).  The aim, according to Intel’s Mobility Group Chief, Dadi Perlmutter, is to deter instances of laptop theft. (The other, unspecified aim could be to get sued by a global telecom company.)  Based […] read more

Road Warrior Airport Hazard. Why Full Disk Encryption Matters.

The Computerworld website has a blog called the “Shark Tank.”  It’s a blog where readers send in their IT stories, usually involving an instance where the IT guy is right and the non-IT guy is wrong.  Sometimes I will commiserate with the one, sometimes with the other.  What I find from reading this particular blog […] read more