Another UK Hospital Finds Laptop Stolen. Hard Drive Encryption Not Included.

A laptop computer with patient information was stolen from Epsom Hospital in Surrey, UK.  The computer contained the information of 180 patients, including dates of birth, names, and addresses.  Thankfully, it seems the hospital’s security cameras may have caught the suspect in flagrante, so now it’s a matter of identifying him and brining him in […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Could Be Bypassed Using Chocolate.

Or at least, that would be the logical conclusion to some surprising findings on a survey by Infosecurity Europe.  On the other hand, it may just mean that more women than men in London will lie for a bar of chocolate.   The Infosecurity survey asked total strangers for passwords on their survey sheets, and […] read more

Lack Of Hard Drive Encryption Strikes Again At A University?.

The University of Virginia has announced that over 7000 students, staff, and faculty members may have been affected by the theft of a laptop computer.  For the time being, the university is not identifying whose laptop it was or where it was stolen from.  This is per the request of the police who no doubt […] read more

Full Disk Encryption May Still Be The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Data.

Symantec is reporting in a new study that the theft of computers and storage devices accounted for the majority data breaches in 2007.  Malicious software is growing and claiming a greater share of data breaches—and unique variants of such software have quadrupled last year—but stolen hardware is still the front-runner when it comes to stolen […] read more

Disk Encryption Saves Big Mac’ing Soldier.

As readers of this blog know, the UK has had quite a string of security breaches over the past six months or so.  And the biggest victims have been the various government services (and by extension, a boatful of regular UK joes.  In a particular case, up to half the UK population fell victim to […] read more

School District Director Finds He Needs Hard Drive Encryption.

Darrin Pike, director of 120 schools in the Eastern School District of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, has recently found that data security is not always relegated to making sure hackers from China and Russia invade his schools’ networks.   Last week, two teenagers were arrested for stealing computer equipment from an elementary school in the […] read more

NIH Full Disk Encryption Issue: Eating My Words.

This is what I get for giving someone the benefit of the doubt.  The NIH is now reporting that Social Security numbers were included in the laptop stolen earlier this year.  If you will recall, a researcher placed his laptop, which was supposed to be protected via hard disk encryption, in his car trunk and […] read more

Full Disk Encryption A Perfect Companion for Home Cooked Meals.

The Home Restaurant in Canada has been a victim of a computer data breach.  From what I can find on the Internet, the Home Restaurant is a small chain that specializes in providing homemade?like meals in a homey atmosphere.  The problem is that such idyllic establishments can’t shelter themselves from the ugly aspects of life.  […] read more

How Full Disk Encryption Could Solve Problems For Australian Hospital Accused Of Data Breach.

The Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Western Australia, has been accused of being remiss with customer data by The Sunday Times.  According to the newspaper, up to 500 computers containing personal information—including names, addresses, dates of birth, and medical conditions—have been tossed away by the hospital with nary a thought on data security. Supposedly, the […] read more