Full Disk Encryption Missing From Laptop Stolen In FC Barcelona Office.

Well, that’s the implication of FC Barcelona’s press release.  Of course, those in the US will be asking “what? Who?”


FC Barcelona is a Spanish sports club, most famous for its soccer team (the FC stands for “futbol club”) and star striker, Ronaldinho.  You may remember Ronaldinho from his Nike ad where he keeps striking the top of the goal post with a soccer ball and receiving it back during practice (of course, since this was an ad campaign for selling shoes, the entire thing was fake…but still impressive to behold).  One of the premier soccer clubs, FC Barcelona is also one of the richest in the world with revenues of over $400 million dollars, and Laporta is the head honcho.


With such money, you’d imagine that they could afford decent security.  Apparently, the thief climbed into Laporta’s office though the window and made off with his laptop computer.  According to some reports, the Laporta is incensed, not just because his computer (which contained personal and sensitive files) was stolen but because of the apparent ease in breaking into the club’s secure area.


I’m still surprised when I hear about incidents like these, not because I believe celebrities are immune to theft, but because they have so much more of an incentive to protect their information.  After all, we’re talking about people who are followed by legions of paparazzi, recording their smallest actions.  I’m sure plenty of them engage in dumpster diving and other forms of collecting information.  Would stealing a laptop be considered anathema to such people?  Perhaps.


Regardless, the truth is that the information of famous is that much more valuable.  Perhaps not on a philosophical level (everyone born equal and whatnot) but definitely on a financial markets level.  I mean, do your babies’ pictures sell for six figures or more?


So, it’s surprising to me that people starting or well into their fifteen minutes of fame are not considering data security measures.  After all, there are certain aspects of their lives that they want to keep private, one assumes.


An easy way for Laporta to have secured the contents of the stolen laptop is via full disk encryption, offered by companies like AlertBoot.  Also known as hard drive encryption, because that’s exactly what it does, this method of protecting data is one of the more fail?safe ways of protecting one’s data.  Because the whole disk is encrypted, one doesn’t have to wonder whether a particular file has been encrypted, like one would with file encryption products (which, of course, has its own uses).

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