Administrative Systems, Inc. Reports Information Security Breach On 200,000.

The site has a follow up on a small article that I saw yesterday.  It looks like someone who was affected by Administrative Systems, Inc. (ASI) computer theft got in touch with the privacy?championing website.   The original article, while short, had made a couple of things clear.  A desktop computer was stolen from […] read more

Army Laptop With Secret Information Left Behind In A Pub: Information Security Requires Something Other Than Deadly Combat Skills.

The Sun has come into possession of a military laptop computer with personal details of more than 200 soldiers—including their training, relocations (I think that’s what The Sun meant), and weapons store locations.  Plus, it contained the names of spouses and children, and letters of recommendations and disciplinary issues.  The Sun points out the data […] read more

Yet Another Unencrypted Laptop Computer Stolen From A Car: Cross Country Healthcare Staffing In The News.

Three different healthcare staffing companies doing business under the umbrella of Cross Country Staffing has alerted the Attorney General in New Hampshire about a possible information security breach.  A laptop computer containing the information of some Cross Country employees—including their names, Social Security numbers, and addresses—was stolen from an employee’s car.   The letter to […] read more

Data Security And Mobile Devices: They’re ALL Mobile Devices.

In Washington, DC, two large computer servers belonging to the tax office were found in an alley, next to a commercial trash compactor.  The three?foot?high servers were labeled “Property of DC Office of Tax and Revenue” and were found by building maintenance.  The situation is still being investigated, and city authorities are investigating if there […] read more

No Laptop Encryption: Memorial Hospital Loses Laptop Containing Sensitive Employee Data.

Missing information at one of South Bend’s largest employers could put thousands at risk. Memorial Hospital has notified employees that a laptop containing personal information is missing. An employee lost the laptop while traveling in November. This week employees received a letter warning them that the missing computer contains their names, addresses, birth dates, ID […] read more

Data Breaches CAN Be Prevented: Full Hard Disk Encryption Is Key to Fixing the System.

The costs as well as the volume of ID thefts continue to rise. Estimated business losses per victim increased by about $7,500 from 2003 to 2004, from $41,717 to $49,254, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Reported costs per record were $197 last year, according to the Ponemon Institute’s third annual study.As the number […] read more

Even the Law Recognizes the Power of Hard Drive Encryption.

I read an interesting article on a CNET blog today about new legislation regarding data breach notifications up for consideration by the Indiana State Senate.    The proposed bill requires that all data breach notifications involving Indiana residents need to go through the attorney general’s office.  That’s fairly standard practice, but that isn’t what makes this […] read more

Think Like a Thief and You’d Do a Better Job Protecting Your Data.

Data theft is the number one motive for intentional data breaches. It is a lucrative business for organized crime and sometimes it is a crime of opportunity for insiders with access to valuable information. In either case, the motivation is the same: personal financial gain. What criminals would find lucrative for their business within your […] read more

No Disk Encryption: Personal Data Potentially Compromised for 4,000.

Marine Corps Bases Japan officials are investigating the Jan. 11 theft of a laptop computer, which contained personally identifiable information for as many as 4,000 clients of Marine Corps Community Services’ New Parent Support Program. According to Marine Corps officials, the laptop may contain names, ranks, social security numbers, dates of birth, children’s names and […] read more

Nonprofits Need Hard Disk Encryption Too: Thieves Remove Personal Information in Providence Diocese Theft.

Thieves who broke into the Diocese of Providence stole a computer that contained a major amount of personal data on diocese employees. Diocese spokesman Michael Guilfoyle said the theft occurred last weekend between Friday night and Saturday morning. He said four computers were taken, and one had personal information on about 5,000 current and former […] read more