Vineyard Victim To Computer Theft and Possible Information Security Breach.

J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines notifying the Attorney General’s office in New Hampshire that two computers were stolen from their office at company headquarters. A reconstruction of the computer data showed that one of the computers contained the names and Social Security numbers of J. Lohr employees.  A copy of the letter to be sent […] read more

Irish Blood Donor Data Security Breach Potentially Averted.

At least, I’d say it was averted.  A laptop computer with over 171,000 confidential blood donor records was stolen in New York.  Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) had sent an encrypted computer disk with the records to New York.  The information was copied to a laptop, and somewhere along the line the poor bloke carrying […] read more

Leading Korean Auction Site Falls Victim To Data Breach.

The South Korean on?line auction site—officially known as Internet Auction Co., and for all intents and purposes owned by eBay, the behemoth having acquired a majority stake back in 2001—fell victim to a data breach earlier this month.  Among other things, it was revealed that the hackers tried to get ransom in exchange for the […] read more

Information Security Breach Of Desktop Hard Drive At Massachusetts School Department.

It had to happen sooner or later.  A hard drive, on what I assume to be a desktop computer, was stolen from the Malden headquarters Department of Education, in Massachusetts.  An auditor for the department arrived to work last week only to find that his computer wouldn’t work.  Assistance was requested, and the technical workers […] read more

Medical Data Security Growing Problem In Years To Come.

The Government Technology site has an article by Jim McKay about the growing problem of medical insurance fraud.  Medical insurance fraud accounts for only three percent of US healthcare costs, which currently translates to about $60 billion, and of that, 1% is attributed to medical ID theft—which is quite sizable when you look at the […] read more

Laptop Security: 5000 Patient Records In The UK Stolen. Data Encryption Not Present. Why Factors Other Than Encryption Algorithms Matter.

Thousands of UK patients have had their information compromised by the theft of a laptop from Russells Hall Hospital.  The laptop was stolen on January 8 but affected patients are being notified only now.  The authorities were alerted at the time of the theft.   The hospital has tried to reassure patients that their data […] read more

Computer Security And The Media: The Loss Of Three Laptops Pushes My Pet Peeves Button.

I’m reading a short article on The Republican about the theft of three laptops from a Massachusetts School Department, and one of my pet peeves was included.  The following statement really gets me:  “…the computer was password protected and he doesn’t believe identity theft was planned.” Now, the password?protected part, I understand.  Mentioning password?protection is […] read more

Data Theft For Petrobras. New Oil Field Data In Brazil May Have Been Targeted.

Petrobras (officially Petróleo Brasileiro SA), the Brazilian state?owned oil company, has confirmed that they’ve been victims of data theft.  More specifically, a hard disk and two laptops were stolen from a container under the auspices of Halliburton, according to Brazilian newspaper Jornal O Povo.  Other reports indicate that four laptops and two drives were stolen, […] read more

Computer Drive Stolen In Modesto. Thousands Of School Employees Affected.

Approximately 3500 employees of Modesto city schools have been given notice that they might become victims of identity fraud.  A computer hard drive and three monitors were stolen from a company called Systematic Automation, Inc.  The company prints customized statements of health and other employee benefits, and had access to names, addresses, birth dates, and […] read more

Blood Bank Computer Security Lapse Affects 320,000.

Lifeblood, a blood center operating out of Memphis, has notified the press that two laptops are missing and presumed stolen.  The laptops contained the information of donors, including names, contact information, and, in some cases, Social Security numbers.  Approximately 320,000 donors are potentially affected, and they’re being individually notified so they can place fraud alerts […] read more