Data Breach And Espionage Fears Overblown: Petrobras Recovers Stolen Disks and Laptops Lacking Encryption.

A couple of weeks back I picked up on an article that had the Brazilian government mobilizing its intelligence and police forces to recover stolen laptops and hard drives.  The devices stored data on recently discovered oil and gas fields found off the coast of Brazil.  The loss of data led to much speculation on […] read more

Mobile Device Protection: Encryption For Those Times When Disaster Hits…Like At The Gym.

Fairfax County police in Virginia have busted a small theft ring that was operating out of a Life Time Gym. (My interest was piqued because I read that as LifeTime Gym. I don’t know what I was expecting to see.  Wronged women bulking up to enact revenge on their wayward husbands, I guess.)  By the […] read more