Wisconsin Accounting Office In Desktop Computer Security Breach And Expected Values.

The office of Kurt Bischoff Tax & Accounting, Inc. in Wisconsin was burglarized last week.  A desktop computer got stolen.  The office being what it is, there was a lot of sensitive data stored on that computer, including names, addresses, birthdates, SSNs, and bank account numbers of 600 individuals.  Was the burglar going after the […] read more

Grab And Smash Hard Drive Disk Theft Creates Information Security Breach.

Seems like California’s education system is somehow getting involved in a rash of thefts that may eventually lead to identity thefts and other personal information?related crimes.  In addition to the Modesto thefts where over 3000 and 8000 people were affected, and the 4000 people recently affected in Clovis, there are now reports that Torrance school […] read more