Laptop Encryption Saves The Day In Stolen UK Laptop And CD eBay Sale. I Say They Have Bigger Problems Now.

Several sources are reporting that a CD and laptop from the British Home Office got sold on eBay.  The Home Office, also known as the Home Department, is that part of the government responsible for internal affairs: security, crime, counter?terrorism, border security, things of that nature.  A complete list is available on Wikipedia, if you’re interested.  […] read more

Data Breach And Espionage Fears Overblown: Petrobras Recovers Stolen Disks and Laptops Lacking Encryption.

A couple of weeks back I picked up on an article that had the Brazilian government mobilizing its intelligence and police forces to recover stolen laptops and hard drives.  The devices stored data on recently discovered oil and gas fields found off the coast of Brazil.  The loss of data led to much speculation on […] read more

Mobile Device Protection: Encryption For Those Times When Disaster Hits…Like At The Gym.

Fairfax County police in Virginia have busted a small theft ring that was operating out of a Life Time Gym. (My interest was piqued because I read that as LifeTime Gym. I don’t know what I was expecting to see.  Wronged women bulking up to enact revenge on their wayward husbands, I guess.)  By the […] read more

Healthcare Organizations Say Incidents of Data Breaches Growing. Secure Information With Computer and Laptop Encryption.

Healthcare organizations are beginning to feel the heat.  First, there is the surprise HIPAA security audits the Feds are planning on conducting.  I already blogged about it before, and how it was just a preliminary one.  The exercises to be conducted this year are to figure out how to approach such audits, and affect a […] read more

Government Conclusion: Irish Bloodbank Did Not Breach Data Protection Act Because Laptop Encryption Was Used.

Irish Blood Transfusion Services did not breach the Data Protection Act when their donors’ information got stolen earlier this month.  Or rather, when the laptop containing their donors’ information was stolen. The Data Protection Commission found “…that the encryption in place on the laptop was sufficient to ensure that there is only the remotest of possibilities […] read more

California Expands Data Breach Notification Laws – A Supplement To HIPAA?.

California has recently passed a law updating their state Data Breach Notification laws.  In addition to reporting those instances where financial information was breached, businesses with clients in California will have to notify instances where medical information was compromised.  Those who haven’t been following such things closely may wonder if this is truly news (and […] read more

Wisconsin Accounting Office In Desktop Computer Security Breach And Expected Values.

The office of Kurt Bischoff Tax & Accounting, Inc. in Wisconsin was burglarized last week.  A desktop computer got stolen.  The office being what it is, there was a lot of sensitive data stored on that computer, including names, addresses, birthdates, SSNs, and bank account numbers of 600 individuals.  Was the burglar going after the […] read more

Grab And Smash Hard Drive Disk Theft Creates Information Security Breach.

Seems like California’s education system is somehow getting involved in a rash of thefts that may eventually lead to identity thefts and other personal information?related crimes.  In addition to the Modesto thefts where over 3000 and 8000 people were affected, and the 4000 people recently affected in Clovis, there are now reports that Torrance school […] read more

Laptop Encryption Not Secure or Safe? Must Be A Slow News Day. My Take On The Princeton Research.

I initially read the news on The New York Times, and the story has spread since.  Must be a really slow news day, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different news sites—traditional media or otherwise—cover a computer security issue on such a scale before.  Of course, it could mean that we’ve had […] read more

Newfoundland Student Data Breach Affects 28,000. Laptop Security Lacking.

The Canadian Press is reporting that the Eastern School District administrative offices reported four laptops missing, presumably stolen. from a secure location with guards and security pass entry.  I’m guessing the latter is a reference to some kind of electronic key card system.   The information on those machines took several days to compile, and […] read more