UK Lawyer’s Office Is Burglarized: Laptop Security A Concern.

A barrister (that’s a lawyer for Americans) in London came to his office to find a laptop computer stolen.  The computer contained the details of an inquiry into the murder of Billy Wright.  For those who are not aware, Billy Wright is the founder of the Loyalist Volunteer Force, a paramilitary group he started after her […] read more

Hospital Laptop Security: The Potential Consequences or How Patient Information Can Be Misused.

The Star-Ledger has an article detailing how hospital data was used to enable identity theft.  It turns out that there were no computers involved in this particular instance, but it shows the potential ramifications of losing an unencrypted data device, such as a laptop, from hospital settings—highlighting why laptop encryption services like AlertBoot is necessary. […] read more

Virtualization As A Replacement For Laptop Security?.

I was reading an AP article today on Microsoft acquiring a small virtualization company, when a line jumped out at me.  The writer of the article stated that virtualization “would make losing a laptop much less disastrous.”  Now, this statement is not wrong.  But you’d need to put some perspective on it to be truly […] read more

UK Military Loses Laptop With Personal Data On 600,000. I Suspect Laptop Encryption Was Not In Place.

I suspect it because 3,500 people are being contacted via mail that their information has been compromised.  But the number of people potentially affected by this theft was over 600,000 UK citizens.  What differentiates the 3,500 from the rest is that their bank account information was also listed.   As of this writing, these are […] read more

Loss of Flash Drive With Medical Information Kept Secret In The UK.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that four thousand NHS patients in the UK have fallen victim to a possible data breach; however, they don’t know this.  At least, not yet.  A flash drive, also known as a computer memory stick, was lost by an NHS employee who had the data device around her neck.  […] read more

Hospitals To Be Checked For HIPAA Compliance.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon begin on?site reviews to see whether hospitals are in compliance with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Approximately 10 to 20 hospitals will be visited, and the results published.  The names of the hospitals visited will not be revealed, however, regardless of the […] read more

A Bit Of Bizarre Good News In TN Metro Laptop Theft. Not What I Would Call Good Laptop Security.

The is reporting that Election Administrator Ray Barrett had some good news to report.  Specifically, that “a password taped to a laptop stolen from the Davidson County Election Commission had been changed and could not be used to access voters’ Social Security numbers in the computer.”  I’m not quite sure that this is good […] read more

Nine Laptop Computers Stolen In The UK Despite High Security. Well, Higher Than Usual When It Comes To The UK.

Nine laptops were stolen at the Middlesbrough Council’s Children, Families, and Learning Department.  The computers were being used by social workers and psychologists.  It could potentially affect a total of 256 children, and the information goes as far back as 18 months.  Was there any security in place for the laptops?  The answer is yes, […] read more

Salma Hayek Loses Laptop. What Could She Have Done For Better Laptop Security?.

The celebrity blogosphere is abuzz over the loss of a laptop owned by Salma Hayek.  The laptop was lost while Ms. Hayek was on a trip overseas, and it contained—among other things, I assume—pictures of family, friends, and her newborn baby, Valentina.  It is said that the stunning Mexican actress is concerned that the laptop […] read more

Records For 800 Students At The University of Akron Reported Missing.

But not necessarily stolen.  The College of Education at UA has announced that over eight hundred former and current students could be affected by the incident.  A portable hard drive containing personal information—including Social Security numbers, names, and addresses—is missing.  However, news articles are quoting that it might have been discarded or destroyed in December.  […] read more