Unencrypted Flash Drive Causes Data Breach At Fertility Clinic.

The University of Minnesota’s Reproductive Medicine Center has announced that a doctor lost information on 3,100 patients.  The information was contained in a USB flash drive that was used as a backup to a computer.  Contrary to the University of Minnesota regulations, this particular flash drive was not encrypted.   More specifically, the lost USB […] read more

T. Rowe Price Contractor Loses Laptops – Whole Disk Encryption Not Present.

Well, the rich certainly have it better than the hoi polloi, even when their identity might be misused.  T. Rowe Price has alerted that thieves were able to make off with two laptops containing the personal information of 401(K) participants.  The laptops were stolen from the offices of a contractor, CBIZ Benefits and Insurance, and […] read more