Unencrypted Flash Drive Causes Data Breach At Fertility Clinic.

The University of Minnesota’s Reproductive Medicine Center has announced that a doctor lost information on 3,100 patients.  The information was contained in a USB flash drive that was used as a backup to a computer.  Contrary to the University of Minnesota regulations, this particular flash drive was not encrypted.   More specifically, the lost USB […] read more

T. Rowe Price Contractor Loses Laptops – Whole Disk Encryption Not Present.

Well, the rich certainly have it better than the hoi polloi, even when their identity might be misused.  T. Rowe Price has alerted that thieves were able to make off with two laptops containing the personal information of 401(K) participants.  The laptops were stolen from the offices of a contractor, CBIZ Benefits and Insurance, and […] read more

UK Hospital Struck Twice With Computer Theft. Data Encryption Not Present.

The Royal Bolton Hospital in England has fallen victim to computer theft—twice.  In each instance, medical information was on the stolen devices.  The thefts took place in October and November, but the public is being alerted only now.  I guess someone is thanking an all-powerful being that the UK does not have HIPAA legislation to […] read more

Laptop Encryption Not Present In Computer Lost By Blue Cross. 300,000 Possibly Affected.

Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey is notifying over 300,000 members that their names, Social Security numbers, and other information was in a laptop computer stolen on January 5 from the home of an employee who was authorized to take the data home.  Well, I’m assuming it’s her home, although the health insurance company […] read more

Nearly 40,000 Hoyas Affected By Lack Of Hard Disk Encryption.

Numerous students, alumni, staff, and faculty may be affected by the theft of a hard drive.  The external storage device contained the Social Security numbers of nearly 40,000 people, and was reported stolen earlier this month.  The device was unencrypted.   The external hard drive was used as a backup to a computer that contained […] read more

Data Security: A Little Comment On Password Safety and Société Générale.

If you’ve been following the news, you probably know that a “rogue” trader at the French bank Société Générale has cost the bank 7 billion dollars (4 billion Euros, if you hate exchanges).  While the details are slowly coming out (it’s day two of questioning by the French police for Jérôme Kerviel, the rogue trader), […] read more

When It Comes To Personal Data Protection, It’s A Myth That Some Types Of Information Are More Harmful To Lose Than Others.

The washingtonpost.com has an article today on “money mules,” people who make possible certain forms of phishing and other on?line cons and scams.  One of the ways it works is as follows:  A person is contacted to see if he’s interested in making a little income.  He agrees.  He receives some money in his bank […] read more

Can Hard Drive and File Encryption Protect Your Fifth Amendment Rights?.

There’s an interesting case in the U.S. District Court in Vermont where a prosecutor is trying to force a suspect to give up the password to the encrypted contents of his computer.  The suspect claims that doing so would be self-incrimination, and he has every right to refuse the government’s request. I won’t get into […] read more

UK Department Store Marks & Spencer Ordered To Encrypt All Laptops.

Marks & Spencer was ordered by the Information Commissioner’s Office to encrypt all of their laptops.  This is the conclusion to the theft that occurred last May of a laptop that contained the personal information on 26,000 Marks & Spencer employees.  The laptop was stolen from a printing firm working for M&S.  It contained details […] read more

Oops! Worcester Stolen Laptop Incorrectly Identified As Having Data Encryption.

A stolen laptop was reported by Fallon Community Health Plan earlier this month as being encrypted.  Now, Fallon is reversing itself and saying that the laptop was not encrypted, based on the conclusions of a forensic technologist.   This means that over 30,000 members of Fallon Community Health Plan could be affected.  While financial information […] read more