Tennessee Experiences A Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas: Computer Theft Reported Over The Holidays.

Tennessee is alerting Nashville residents that 337,000 voters in the city have had their information compromised.  Thieves stole laptop computers that contained the names and Social Security numbers of every registered voter.  Initially, it was reported that only the last four digits of the SSNs were included, but further examination showed that this is not […] read more

Data Protection Is The Law In Oregon At The Turn Of The Year: Data Encryption Can Help.

The associated Oregon senate bill, The Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act (SB 583), is surprisingly short but to the point—and extremely readable.  It feels like someone other than lawyers wrote it up.  It also seems to build on past legislation already in place for personal data protection.  For example, those who are already in compliance […] read more

Data Security And Computer Disposal: There’s Delete And Then There’s Delete.

The holidays are almost over, and many people across the world have probably bought—for themselves as well as for other people—plenty of nifty gadgets as presents, such as a computer.  And, when it’s in with the new, it’s also out with the old.  Extra care must be taken to ensure that the data in the […] read more

Burglarized Church: Computer Theft Targeted Hard Drives Only.

There is news that a church in the state of Georgia fell victim to burglary.  The thieves, however, seem to have been after a particular item: data.  The effort was well coordinated, according to an article at thecitizen.com.  The thieves entered the church from the darkest point outside the church.  A window was left unlocked […] read more

UPS Loses Dormitory Authority Data Tapes With 800 Employee Records. Data Encryption Not Used.

But, according to the Dormitory Authority, potentially affected employees shouldn’t be worried because they require special equipment and software to be read.  Also, the spokesperson for the Dormitory Authority (DA) said the tapes were not encrypted.   Social Security numbers, addresses, names, and phone numbers were included in the tape for current and past employees.  […] read more

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Sometimes Data Security Requires More Than Laptop Encryption.

There is a short article at the AP that makes one wonder what exactly they do at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  I’ve read enough technology?centric books to know that Los Alamos was where the first nuclear bomb was developed under Manhattan Project.  It is currently home to many math, physics, and other science and engineering […] read more

Tens Of Thousands Of Seniors Affected By Laptop Theft With No Data Encryption.

An employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging returned from a funeral to find his home burgled.  Among the items missing was his laptop issued by the department which contained information on approximately 21,000 senior citizens.  Information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical information, and recently services on the part of the department.  There […] read more

College Entrance Exam Data Security Breach In Japan.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that a personal computer and a memory card belonging to a test writer were stolen.  The test writer in this case was writing for the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, which is in charge of creating the college entrance exam that is given once a year in Japan.  The next […] read more

Security Guys Lose Laptop With Security Data.

A laptop computer with the details of a new security system protecting the British Parliament was supposedly lost by a Serjeant at Arms (not a typo) senior parliamentary official.  The Searjeant at Arms department is responsible for the security of the House of Commons at Westminster Palace.  Man, the UK government can’t catch a break.   […] read more

The UK Caught In A Perfect Storm Of Data Breaches. How Long Will It Last?.

The UK government has had to admit to another potentially serious data breach:  3 million learner driver records were lost.  There were some smaller incidents between this latest case and the two lost CDs case last month—a veritable peppering of breach after breach.  The difference between the smaller cases and these two big ones is, […] read more