Laptop Security, Theft, And Public Relations: Password Protection Is Not “Protection” If There Is No Device Encryption.

We seem to have a new trend: I’m seeing more and more instances of people stating after a data breach that the lost or stolen computer was not encrypted but was password?protected: The Home Depot and the Kiski Area School District instances are the two that come into mind as of right now, but there […] read more

Healthcare Provider Loses Mobile Data Device, Issues Letter and Credit Monitoring. I Presume The Device Was Not Encrypted (Not that I Blame Them In This Case).

Clarian Health has notified over 1200 patients that their information might have been compromised.  These patients were in the Clarian transplant program, and one of the transplant coordinators misplaced “a device similar to a Palm Pilot.”  Before anyone goes around saying that such information should not be on such a small device to begin with, […] read more