Never Mind The Whip. Full Disk Encryption Should Be Part of Indiana Jones’s Arsenal.

I was commenting on the Coppola theft in Argentina the other day, and made some generalizations about how encryption and security ought to be part of the creative process in the digital era.  Well, the entertainment industry is again in the news for a major theft.  Photographs and computers being used for the production of […] read more

Full Disk Encryption For When The Competitors’ Claws Come Out.

There is an interesting passage in the New Zealand Herald today: A small business director says: “I was sitting at a conference and had my laptop set up in front of me to take notes. On the hard drive there were also confidential pricing pitches to potential customers. At morning tea, I stepped out for a […] read more

Non-Profits May Need Endpoint Security Even More than For-Profits.

It looks like there isn’t a lot of media coverage, but there’s a small article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette a hacker gained illegal access to servers for the Nature Conservancy.  Personal information regarding 14,000 people may have been compromised, including employees and their families.  Payroll information, including direct deposit bank account numbers, was part […] read more