The Dark Continent Suffers from Cyberattacks, Just Like Any Other Country. Why They Need Data Encrytion.

Here’s a new twist on an old problem.  Many of us associate phishing scams coming from some part of Africa.  This is in no small part due to all the spam e-mails that, if we were to allow them to introduce themselves, we certainly would end up assisting them financially, for we might end up assisting ourselves as well.


Well, it looks like businesses in Africa are also targets of such scams as well as more elaborate security breaches.  Earlier this month the government of Kenya withdrew a proposed bill because there was a need to introduce clauses dealing specifically with cyber crime as well as a protection of optical fiber cables.


While most of the world views the entire continent of Africa as a poor, backward country, the truth is that there are pockets of extremely high-tech, modern civilization as we know it.  Usually, these are concentrated in the major cities.  I should know.  I spent some time in Kenya back in 2003.  Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a city no more different than others.  It is congested, people wait in ATM lines to withdraw money, and inconsiderate people will litter parking lots with empty shopping carts.  You won’t confuse Nairobi with New York City, but you won’t feel out of place if you’re used to walking on concrete pavements.


Anyhow, African businesses also find the need to invest heavily to ensure the security of their data. Major businesses already invest in expensive physical security systems as well as software to prevent data theft and manipulation by vandals as well as competitors.  The need to secure data might be driven by the latter.  Kenya does not have a legal framework for protecting businesses against digital fraud and theft.


Will the African governments come through?  I believe that the answer is yes.  When you consider that many foreign companies are increasing their investment in the African continent, and especially in the more highly developed economies in Africa, such as South Africa and Kenya, the government will be forced to recognize the real problems they will face as they update their country’s infrastructure.  So, the day will come.


In the meantime, domestic and foreign businesses in Africa, could rely on data security options provided by AlertBoot.  The encryption of devices as well as content should be imperative for businesses in a country where competition is fierce, the laws need to be updated, and internal business data must be protected.  Theft of devices is a problem in any part of the world.  Plus, most of the heavy industries and commercial business are extensions of US and European Fortune 500 companies.  A chink in a company’s global armor could potentially affect all.

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